MacFormat presents… iTunes & iCloud: Your Companion Manual

abz62This revised and fully updated bookazine from Future is in the shops now, priced £9.99. It includes a number of my articles, including brand new guides to managing iTunes Allowances and parental controls, finding missing artwork for your iTunes library, accessing iCloud via the web and using iCloud with Windows. Please click here to find out more and to order.

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1&1 Blog

1&1 InternetMy first post has appeared on the official 1&1 blog, entitled Ramp Up Your Social Media Using the 1&1 Social Media Center. Please click here to view it.

New posts will appear regularly throughout the week – initially, these may be once or twice daily, but will soon settle down to 2-3 times per week from October. To view all my blog posts in one convenient location, click here.

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MacFormat, issue 277

MacFormat 277The latest issue of MacFormat magazine is out now, and features my two-page tutorial on running Windows apps on the Mac for free. Please click here for more details and to order.

You can also get a free trial subscription of the magazine on your iPad by clicking here.

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New job: 1&1 Internet

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been hired to contribute regular blog posts – around 10 a month – to the 1&1 Internet blog, starting later on this month. More details once the first blog post has been published.

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Windows 7 Help & Advice 99

Windows 7 Help & Advice 99I’ve contributed three tutorials as well as my regular Support Squad Q&A column to the latest issue of Future’s popular Windows magazine, out now. W7H&A covers all flavours of Windows from XP up to Windows 8, and you can find out more and order it here.

The three tutorials cover batch-editing images, speeding up file management and fixing a vast array of Windows problems with a free fix-it tool. The last article in particular should be essential reading for any Windows user.

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iPad User Magazine, issue 12

iPad User 12The latest issue of Future’s digital-only iPad User Magazine has hit the App Store, and it’s a bumper one for yours truly. No less than four tutorials covering Adobe Voice, Fantastical 2, Outlook Web Access and Zoho Survey are featured, alongside three reviews (RadResume, Red Onion and Parallels Access v2) and my regular Troubleshooter section, this issue updated with a guide for fixing AirPlay-related problems. Each issue costs £2.99, or you can subscribe for £1.99 a month – click here for details.

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Linux Format, 187

Linux Format 187My first ever piece – a cover feature no less – has just been published in the latest Linux Format magazine, which is now available to purchase here. The feature in question is a guide to switching from Windows to Linux.

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WordPress for Beginners (3rd Edition)

WordPress for Beginners (3rd Edition)Imagine Publishing has released the third edition of its beginner’s guide to using WordPress, and I helped update the copy and provide new grabs for a number of tutorials in the bookazine to bring it bang up to date with WordPress 3.9. Please click here for more information and to order.

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Switch to Mac (OS X Mavericks edition)

Switch to Mac (Mavericks Edition)This new edition of the Switch to Mac Pro Series bookazine includes a number of articles written by yours truly, including a trio of tutorials on continuing to access Windows applications on your Mac, either via Boot Camp (dual-boot setup), Parallels Desktop (virtualisation) or CrossOver for Mac (software emulation). Please click here for details and to order.

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LifeHacker UK

save-water_tapMy guide to saving water and cutting your water bill has now been published on the LifeHacker UK as part of its #livesmarterUK week. Please click here to view it.

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MacFormat, issue 276

MacFormat 276I’ve contributed two tutorials to this month’s MacFormat magazine, both of which are flagged on the magazine cover. They cover reducing eyestrain at night and sharing data between iWork documents. For more information and to order, please click here.

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LifeHacker UK

My quick tutorial on reducing your phone or tablet’s bandwidth usage when browsing using the free Opera Mini browser is now online – please click here to read it.

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