Recap: Maximum PC

Here’s part two of my summary of recently published work, this time focussing on Maximum PC magazine.

Issue 133: I contributed the feature ‘Build the Ultimate Windows Repair Disc‘ to the January 2017 issue.

Issue 134: the February 2017 issue features my two-page tutorial on optimising your low-powered Plex Media Server.

Issue 135: the current March issue includes two of my contributions: a feature on using Task Manager to examine your PC’s processes, and a tutorial on setting up an OpenVPN server in Ubuntu.

You can subscribe to Maximum PC for as little as $9 a year (digital). Click here for details.

It’s oh so quiet… MacFormat and Linux Format

… Apologies for the lack of updates recently, it’s not down to a sudden fallow patch, but just a lack of time. Here’s part one of a list of what’s been published in the past couple of months.

MacFormat: my guide to optimising the performance of virtual machines in macOS was published in issue 309, and is now available to read online at TechRadar.  Issue 310 has now been published, and includes my four-page guide to setting up an older Mac as a centralised server.

Linux Format: my regular series on using the command line via the Terminal has come to a temporary halt with a pair of tutorials: the first, on using environmental variables, appeared in issue 219, and the second, which looks at alternative Terminal emulators, was published in issue 220. Issue 220 also saw my four-page tutorial on programming IoT devices using Wyliodrin appear.

Windows Help & Advice, issue 131

SFX263.cover_uk.inddI have a number of articles appearing in the latest issue, all of which centre around a troubleshooting theme. We kick things off with a feature on building a Windows repair disc, which reveals a number of ways in which you can create a disc that gives you access to repair tools and your data should Windows suddenly refuse to boot.

I’ve also contributed a four-page tutorial on using Event Viewer to diagnose and – hopefully – find fixes to problems plaguing your computer, particularly those that don’t have an obvious cause.

There’s also the four-page Support Squad Q&A column before we round things off with a couple of guides to using the new Start menu, Taskbar and Action Centre in the latest version of Windows 10.

The issue is available in all good newsagents, priced £5.49. You can also find out more and order online or over the phone by visiting here.

Windows Help & Advice, issue 130

The January issue of Future’s popular Windows title is on the newsagents’ shelves now, and features two brand new tutorials of mine: a guide to installing a network printer, plus a tutorial on setting up and running a Homegroup. There’s also another outing for my tutorial on recording your family history with My Family Tree, plus my regular four-page Support Squad column, which answers readers’ questions.

The mag costs £5.49 in the newsagents, or you can buy a copy (or subscribe) online by clicking here.

Pi User, issue 1

PIU01The first edition of Future’s magazine for Raspberry Pi users has hit the newsagents’ shelves. The Windows 2016 edition includes my 11-page feature, 20 awesome Pi add-ons, which profiles 20 of the best hardware add-ons for your Pi, from audio DACs and sensory HATs to an arcade cabinet and touchscreen. Please click here for more details and to order.

iPad User, issue 32

iPad User 32I wrote two tutorials for the latest issue of Future’s digital-only magazine for iPad users – and both feature on the cover. There’s a guide to the new collaborative features that have been added to Apple’s iWork suite of apps, plus a tutorial on creating your own photo filters using the clever Mextures app.

You can download the magazine app on your iPad here. Individual issues cost £2.99, or less as part of a subscription (prices start from £5 per quarter).

Windows Help & Advice 129 – home server heaven

wha129I’m a huge fan of media servers, so it’s with great pleasure I introduce you to Windows Help & Advice’s lead feature on setting up an Emby-powered media server on your PC. This ten-page guide will provide you with everything you need to get up and running, streaming movies, music and TV across your network with ease.

Also featuring in this month’s issue is another run out for my guide to accessing the Control Panel in Windows 10, plus my regular four-page Q&A column, Support Squad. Please click here for more details and to order.

Linux Format 217 – Super Pi!

lxf217The latest issue of Linux Format is out now, and my lead feature – Super Pi – adorns the cover. It’s a ten-page guide to building various Pi-related projects, from desktop or laptop PC to media server and IoT add-on. Also in this issue – my latest piece on using the Terminal, this month focussing on running multiple shells from a single window using Screen.

For more details and to order, please click here. Subscribers can also access these and the rest of the magazine content in PDF format here.

Windows Help & Advice 128

wha128The latest issue of Future’s popular title for Windows users is out now, and I wrote both lead features: Your Windows 10 Questions Answered, and Reclaim Ownership of your PC. I’ve also contributed two tutorials on cataloguing your media and improving Wi-Fi performance, and my regular four-page Support Squad column.

The magazine is now available for £5.49 in newsagents, or you can purchase a copy (or subscribe) through the MyFavouriteMagazines website.

APC Mag – In a Land Down Under

apc433My work has featured in Australian magazines since 2003 when I wrote extensively for the Australian edition of the Microsoft Windows XP Magazine. These days, Australian readers can access selected Mac, Linux and Windows articles I’ve written for UK titles within the pages of APC Magazine. Recent highlights include:

To find out more about APC, please visit its website. International readers can also download the magazine’s app from the appropriate app store to purchase individual issues digitally (UK price, £3.99).

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