Windows Help & Advice, issue 114

Windows Help & Advice 114The November issue of Windows Help & Advice includes one 12-page feature, two tutorials and my regular Support Squad column. The feature covers fixing Windows 10 annoyances and problems, while there’s a tutorial on creating a fail-safe backup of your hard drive and another on recovering deleted and lost data. My name is also attached to two further tutorials on accessing the Windows Store and exploring the new Windows 10 Music app, both originally written for this bookazine.

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MacFormat, issue 292

MacFormat 292The Autumn issue of Future’s best-selling Mac title is out now, and features three of my reviews. There’s a half-page review of Seagate’s Personal Cloud 2-bay 8TB network hard drive, plus OptOpt 1.1 and Nice Clipboard 1.0.1. Click here for more details and to order the print version.

Linux Format 202

LXF202Future’s best-selling title for Linux users has just been published, and features a four-page tutorial from yours truly on mastering LVM snapshots – a useful backup tool. This is the first in a regular series of tutorials I will be contributing to the magazine. Find out more at its official website, where you’ll find links to purchasing both individual issues and a subscription. Subscribers to the magazine can access the tutorial as a PDF file via its Archives section.

MacFormat 291

MacFormat 291The October issue of MacFormat is now available, and features three of my contributions. I’ve written a five-page feature on choosing a new Mac, plus contributed a tutorial on speeding up file management with a free app called Circles. Finally, I also wrote a half-page review of Money Pro.

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Windows Help & Advice 113

Windows Help & AdviceThe October issue of Windows Help & Advice has just been published and features two of my tutorials: how to hook up your phone to your Windows 10 PC, and a guide to using Microsoft’s free OneNote tool. This is in addition to my regular four-page Q&A column, Support Squad. You can purchase the print edition for £6.49, or for maximum savings purchase digitally, with a one-year subscription covering iOS and Android devices costing just £20.

Windows Help & Advice, issue 112

wha112The latest issue of Future’s magazine for Windows PC users is now available in print and digital. It features my regular four-page Q&A column, Support Squad, plus two brand new tutorials: block unwanted apps and toolbars, and a guide to backing up email and browser settings. For more details and ordering information for the print edition, please click here. A digital edition for iOS and Android mobiles is also available for £2.49 per issue, or £20 per year.

Flashback: PC Answers

PCA100From 2000 to 2002 I was editor of PC Answers magazine. During my tenure we published a spoof news column on the last page of the magazine, entitled Wireless. As the weekend is almost upon us (as I type), I’ve taken the liberty of publishing some of my favourites, including Last Hope of Humanity Killed in Alien Incursion (based on the Half-Life game), Dr Linux Beats Super Bill in Epic Battle, and Sitting Duck Dies For Thousandth Time in Network Game (based on me playing Unreal Tournament on the office servers at lunchtime).