It’s oh so quiet… MacFormat and Linux Format

… Apologies for the lack of updates recently, it’s not down to a sudden fallow patch, but just a lack of time. Here’s part one of a list of what’s been published in the past couple of months.

MacFormat: my guide to optimising the performance of virtual machines in macOS was published in issue 309, and is now available to read online at TechRadar.  Issue 310 has now been published, and includes my four-page guide to setting up an older Mac as a centralised server.

Linux Format: my regular series on using the command line via the Terminal has come to a temporary halt with a pair of tutorials: the first, on using environmental variables, appeared in issue 219, and the second, which looks at alternative Terminal emulators, was published in issue 220. Issue 220 also saw my four-page tutorial on programming IoT devices using Wyliodrin appear.