Computing and Mobile (PC, Mac, iOS)

I have written for computing magazines since joining Future Publishing back in 1994 as Disk Editor on ST Format magazine.

iPad User 9iPad User
I regularly contribute tutorials on a wide variety of subjects and apps for this digital-only magazine for Apple iPad users, which is available exclusively through the iTunes Store.

Advent Computers
I was the lead writer and contributing editor to the Advent Computers website from 2011 to 2013, commissioning and writing a large number of features, step-by-step guides, tips and support tutorials for Advent customers, including a number of video slideshow guides for the Advent YouTube channel. I also provided technical support through the site’s forum and kept its social media content updated on a daily basis.

PC Answers 214, coverPC Answers
I edited this magazine between 2000-2002, growing its subscriber base by a third, and adding 20% on to its circulation at a time when most PC magazines were in decline. From 2003 until the magazine’s closure in September 2010 I wrote the Helpdesk column (see Q&A/Tech Support below), plus contributed regular tutorials, features and reviews.

Computeractive 391Computeractive
I wrote workshops, features and both Masterclass and Back to Basics tutorials for this twice-monthly publication for six years from 2007. Computeractive is the UK’s biggest-selling computer magazine.


Windows 7 Help & Advice, 95Microsoft Windows Magazine/Windows 7 Help & Advice
I’ve been the magazine’s Q&A writer since its launch, and have also contributed regular tutorials and lead features.

Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (UK)
I contributed regular tutorials and features throughout the title’s life (2001-2010). From 2007 I was also the magazine’s Q&A writer, and was responsible for re-editing old features and tutorials for the last two years of the title’s life.

Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (Australia)
I was Contributing Editor from issue 3-15, and contributed exclusive features, tutorials and a Q&A column for the duration of the title’s life (2004-8).

MacFormat 268MacFormat
From 1998-2000 I regularly contributed games reviews to MacFormat. From late 2010 I restarted writing for the magazine again, and regularly contribute software reviews, tutorials and occasional lead features.


iPad for Business

Apple Bookazines
From 2011 I’ve been regularly contributing new and reworked tutorials for a series of one-book Bookazines covering such topics as iPad for Business, Switch to Mac, iTunes and iCloud, OS X Lion and iPad.

Q&A/Tech support
I’ve been writing Q&A columns for the past eight years for a number of magazines, including the official Microsoft Windows Magazine, Microsoft Windows XP (UK and Australian editions), PC Answers and Laptop Magazine. I provide a limited support service, contacting readers whose questions I select for the magazine to provide assistance. Since 2003 I’ve helped over 1,000 readers – could your publication benefit from my expertise and personal service?

Since 2010 I’ve been a site Editor for the and family of websites, whose material is syndicated worldwide to the likes of (US) and PC & Tech Authority (Australia).

Other titles
I’ve also written for the likes of PC Plus (software group tests and a project), Windows XP Made Easy (lead feature), Windows XP Answers (launch editor, plus tutorials and features), Practical Web Pages (editor plus tutorial writer), PC Format (tutorials), PC Review (reviews), Laptop Magazine (Q&A column and occasional hardware group tests), Roam (tutorials and the occasional feature), Amiga Format (game review), ST Format (I was Disk Editor and then Editor from 1994-6) and more besides.

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