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My published work has appeared online at a number of websites, links to particular highlights are provided below. I’ve also uploaded some articles to this website: click the Published work menu above to access them.

BBC Countryfile Magazine
Top ten BBC TV locations – click here
Five Days to the Weekend (regular weekly series for website 2009-10) – click here
BBC Nissan Micra city guide (Outdoor Living section) – click here to view the original supplement in PDF format.

BBC History
One of my two Footsteps pieces is currently only. Click here to read about Claire Priory in Suffolk. My piece on Tymperleys Museum, Colchester, is no longer available owing to the closure of the museum in 2011.

How to: sync iTunes to any MP3 player or mobile – click here
Other how-to tutorials: click here

All properly credited workshops and articles – click here

MacFormat (published on TechRadar)
Lead feature: cleanup and declutter your Mac (click here)
Lead feature: tame OS X Annoyances (click here)
Review: Evernote 5 (click here)

Microsoft Windows Magazine
Watch and record TV in Windows 7 (published on MSN Tech & Gadgets UK) – click here

MSN Tech & Gadgets
Group test: premium headphones (published Dec 2011) – click here
Reviews: top 10 portable media players (regularly updated) – click here
Gallery: top 10 modern retro gadgets – click here
Gallery: 10 of the best ultrabooks for 2012 – click here

National Trust Active Magazine
Feature: life after the Cumbrian Floods (published Spring 2010) – click here for direct link to magazine in PDF format

PC Authority
My personal page listing all of the content that has been published on the downloads section of this Australian title’s website – click here

PC Plus
Use encryption to secure your data (published 2010) – click here

PC World
Make Windows XP last longer – co-written with Robin Nixon (published 2008) – click here

My personal page listing all articles published on this website, which is licensed to other outlets, including PC Authority Magazine and Betanews – click here.

Support PCs
My co-venture with Joe Cassels – you’ll find dozens of features, tips, Q&As and tutorials I’ve written for various magazines over the years here. Prospective commissioning editors note: this is my own unsubbed copy, so provides a good example of my writing skills without the filter of a good sub – click here.

Tech Radar
Click here to see all of my articles published on the Tech Radar website.

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