Rural/environmental matters

I’ve written a number of projects, interviews and features for the official BBC Countryfile Magazine, plus contributed over 50 featurettes to its website. I also wrote a couple of news pieces for the shortlived website, a joint venture between myself and BBC Countryfile Magazine launch editor Cavan Scott that foundered due to a lack of free time on both our parts.

Lead features
Natural health: 15 rural ways to get fit (issue 5)
Top 10 BBC TV locations (issue 10 – online here)
The Sound of Britain: walk in the footsteps of our greatest composers (issue 12)

News articles
News articles for

Escape to the country: Willowbrook Farm (issue 3)
Green heroes: Ed Ikin (issue 12)

Composting (issue 1)
Cut your Christmas waste (issue 2)
The A-Z of Recycling Water (issue 6 – online here)
Eco-friendly baby (issue 8)

Web site featurettes
Five days to the weekend: rural village/town guides (online here)

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