Technology (non-computing)

Outside of the computing sphere, I’ve also contributed news, reviews and features covering the wider world of technology.

lh_solar-mainLifeHacker UK
I’ve contributed a number of posts to the LifeHacker UK website, covering a wide array of topics. These include a well-received guide to maximising the savings from your solar panels.

I wrote the magazine’s gadget group tests during 2003 and 2004. Each month I reviewed four (and later five) gadgets based around a specific theme, from early LCD TVs to tennis racquets, budget telescopes to mobile GPS systems.

MSN UKMSN Tech & Gadgets UK
I was the website’s MP3 player reviewer for just over a year from 2011-12. However, I also contributed numerous other tech-themed features too, including bendy technology, sport-themed gadgets, the history of 3D and more. In addition I interviewed Sir Clive Woodward as part of a feature on how technology was transforming sport in the run up to the Olympics, and represented the website at the launch of the iPad 2 in London.

Sandstrom Style
I was the resident technology blogger for Dixon’s own-brand Sandstrom brand, and contributed posts on a variety of subjects over a two-year period in 2011-3. These included how to get pitch-perfect sound from your stereo, an explanation of how cooker hood extractors work, and a guide to choosing the right TV screen size for your personal needs.

latest-gadgetsLatest Gadgets
I wrote a handful of pieces for this technology website during 2013, including a look at the Netatmo Urban Weather Station and a roundup of audiophile-friendly MP3 players.


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